Many new Internet users have questions about what the Internet can be used for, how to get the best from their aspects connection and the meaning of some of the 'jargon' words.

The purpose of this page is to respond to some of the more "Frequently Asked Questions" (also known as a FAQ).

What interactive software is available for the internet?

mIRC, Internet Relay Chat. This is a piece of software which enables you to type messages to other people using the same software. As you become more familiar with the program you will realise there is far more to it - you are even able to send files across the internet or create your own room for discussion. mIRC is available from .

Can I use my aspects account to make international telephone calls via the Internet?

Yes you can. Microsoft NetMeeting or Netscape CoolTalk both enable you to make Internet phone calls. You will need a sound card, speakers and a microphone. Your details can be published on the internet and anyone can give you a call. Once you have established a connection you may share applications on your computer with the person you are talking to. Both NetMeeting and CoolTalk have a "whiteboard" facility which enables you to create artwork whilst the other person can see what you are doing in real time. The person you are connected to can also draw on the same "whiteboard" at the same time.

How do I set up my e-mail?

In order to set up your e-mail account you need to know your POP3 mail server, SMTP server, email address and POP3 account name. Internet explorer has a built in mail reader. In Microsoft Windows, when you select it for the first time, a setup wizard will be launched which will ask you for the relevant details.


NB. The POP3 account name, unless told otherwise, will be the part before the @ in your email address.

What is FTP?

FTP stands for file transfer protocol. In order to transfer files to/from a server you will need FTP CuteFTP. This is available from HERE. The address of our ftp site is

How do I download files from the Internet?

When visiting a site with software available you will be able to download software just by clicking on the item you wish to download. Another way is to right-click on the object, file or picture that you want to save and a grey box will appear giving you the option to save it to your hard disk. It's that simple!

How do I find someones e-mail address?

If you visit our search page at, you will find that just below the first search engine (Alta Vista) There is a search engine called "Who Where?". If you enter someones name and press submit "Who Where?" will search it's database for names the same as or similar to the one you entered and return you a list of possible matches complete with e-mail addresses.

What are newsgroups?

News groups are conference areas covering a wide range of different subjects. Once you have your news server you will need to subscribe to whichever news groups you see fit and then when you log on again the latest messasges are downloaded to you. You can then read them off line and reply to any that interest you. It is strongly recommended that you read the newsgroup before you post anything to it, to enable you to get a feel for what is allowed in that particular group. If you post something that is inappropriate you run the risk of being 'flamed'. This is when everyone mails you telling you what an idiot you are. This is not good for your morale nor is it good for your service provider, who will be displeased that you have 500 emails sitting waiting for you.

How do I build my own homepage?

You can in fact create your document using Microsort Word 6 or 7 and then save the file as an HTML file. Word will then generate all the HTML coding for you. Various HTML editors are also available on the internet. The one I would recommend for beginners is Ken Nesbitt's Webedit. This is available from
Once you have created your pages, you will need to Email to let us know that you need some space on our web server!

What does technical support cover?

It covers internet related help such as setting up e-mail, problems with logging on to our system. It does not cover how Windows95 works, nor does it cover HTML tips!

10.What is a URL?

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. In English that means an address, eg. simple eh?

What is Java?

Java is a language developed by Sun Microsystems which allows World Wide Web pages to contain code that is executed on the browser. You can learn more about Java from Sun's home page. The URL is

What does http stand for?

Http stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. This is the way in which web pages are brought to you.

What does HTML mean?

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. This is the main programming language of the web.

I have children. How can I prevent them using the web to visit sites that I would not want them to see?

Microsoft Internet Explorer has a security function built in. If you click on the Explorer icon with your right mouse button it will bring up a small box. One of the options is 'properties'. Select this option and you will see a bigger box with tabs along the top.

Internet Explorer screen shot

Select 'Security' and then 'Settings'. You will be prompted to enter a password - this can be anything you like. This will then take you to a screen where you are able to select what NOT to allow. Make your choices, click 'ok' and then back on the 'Security' screen click on 'Enable Ratings'.

If you have any further queries please feel free to e-mail:

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